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Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of an online messaging service

At the request of Treebal, a company offering a secure and sustainable instant messaging service, a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) was carried out by Eric Fourboul and Gauthier Roussilhe between 8 November 2021 and 21 March 2022.

An LCA meets formal requirements in order to make its methodology and results comparable with other LCAs produced by other professionals in the field. As a result, the final report has a formalism that limits its handling and understanding to non-experts. In a logic of opening up knowledge and data, we wanted to explain this work in a simple way. Thus, in addition to the formal presentation, the summary section describes the aims and contents at the beginning of each section.

We would like to warmly thank Delphine David and Frederick Lemasson from the Treebal team for their listening and curiosity throughout the study.

Only available in French for now

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