Gauthier Roussilhe
design and research
for transitions

This website intends to reduce its contribution to digital industry ecological footprint. Therefore the whole site and server services has been thought over and the average page size has been reduced to 450,56kb (Low tech, High future).

This is my archive of writings that I sometimes publish on Medium. Please note that some French texts are not translated and are only accessible in French.

Digital sustainability: a French update

The recent launch of the online magazine " Branch " has opened up the topic of sustainable digital technology to a wider audience. This …

Business Model

Business Model for 2019-2020

After a year of professional activity it is time for me to run a little evaluation, especially considering how the current times lend …

Lowtech, Design

A question of "tech"

The popularisation of "low-tech" in recent years is a promising sign but should also remind us to be vigilant. Low-tech has been …

Lowtech, Design

Digital guide to low tech

Please note that the current website is dynamic, the static version will be re-uploaded soon, bear with us. In March 2019 I put my new …

Philosophy, Spitballing

On digital animality

I would have liked to name this text 'the interface of Aristotle' but there is something, it seems to me, more global than the …


Beyond design autonomy

Few years after starting my ‘career’ as a designer I formulate many doubts about my practice and the global practice of design. The mor …


A fundamental critique of seamless design

It seems that today the design community has agreed on key principles when it comes to interaction and experience. The interaction must …

Design Education

Design notions: Complexity

Complexity often defines the density of the interactions between the elements of one or more systems, the more interaction there is, …

Design Education

Design notions: Systems

Design is difficult to define, it is an evanescent form that escapes the grip of the one who wants to appropriate it. This fugacity is …


Vers l'autonomie du design

Le design va prendre une place de plus en plus importante dans les sociétés à venir, mais est-ce que ça sera vraiment le fait du des …