de Futur


“Notions de Futur” is a prospective essay exploring the evolution of the notions of space, time and society from 2000 to 2099.

« Notions de Futur » gives a portrayal of finished futures as the narrator speaks from the early 22nd century. The future historian narrates us the humdrum cycle of technological fables rising and failing and the philosophical shifts impose by the digital world supremacy. Neither optimistic nor resigned the stories and concepts told in this essay are an extravagant stroll between past imagination and future oddness.

« Notions de Futur » can be buy online here, both french and english versions can be downloaded here and there for educational purpose.


The book was conceived by Clément le Tulle-Neyret, graphic designer and typeface designer. Clément had the idea to start at page 201 in order to replace the essay in a more global effort of future writings, bygone and unfinished.




« Once everything is won over, what remains? » (« Quand tout est conquis, que reste t-il ? ») is a quote from « Notions de Futur » that we used to design posters. This particular quote is a question addressed to our future technological society that promises us to cure and repair every single issue we face. The poster has been silk-printed using 3 tones. The poster can be bought here.


Concept and writing  Gauthier Roussilhe
Graphic design and layout Clément le Tulle-Neyret
Photo— Ghislain Mirat
Translation — Nicole Felipe
Date —  Feb 2015


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