META is a tool that shapes unexpected futures by connecting predictable policies for the century to come.

I designed META to be my personal tool for fast design fiction prototyping, it allows me to quickly generate futures scenarios by setting up four parameters: political agenda, geographic area, technological context and expected behaviour.
The political agenda was made by compiling several reports from UN, WHO, HRW, analysing State of the Future Indexes (SOFIs) and was also inspired by the work of James Martin from the Oxford University. The agenda is conceived for an utopian world government and is developed around three axes: « Respect ourselves and our planet », « Stay united » and « Push forward ».
The other three parameters allow to pick a country or socio-cultural ensemble, to choose between several technological breakthroughs and innovations and finally the expected behaviour dictates the way the designer will interact with the given scenario, will he resist, maintain a status quo or amplify it ?

The other three parameters is not available online for the moment but the political agenda is freely available here.


Design and Research  Gauthier Roussilhe
Graphic Design Oscar Mantilla
Web Development— Alain Barthelemy
Date —  Janv 2016


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