Research, Direction, Production, Animation

A 50-minute interactive documentary that questions the designer’s ethics

‘Ethics for Design’ asks one question: What is the role of a designer? This question is essential today because what a designer produces—interfaces, services, products, etc.— seems to go against the interests of the users.

Through crossed interviews between designers and researchers and real-life case studies, the interactive documentary provides an overview of the profession and looks for new paths for future designers.

The documentary is free, open source and under Creative Commons and can be watched here.

12 designers and researchers from European countries have been interviewed: James Auger, Alain Findeli, Sarah Pandelle, Geoffrey Dorne, Peter Bil’ak, Sarah Gold, James Williams, Flora Fischer, Thomas Schnur, Antoine Fenoglio, Matthieu Cherubini and Nicolas Nova

The shooting was spread over two months and took place in seven different cities. Beyond the interviews, it was also an opportunity to discover the life of designers of different practices and cultures.

On a personal level this trip, which I did alone, was like an initiatory journey to meet my mentors. While I was asking myself a lot of questions about the usefulness of my practice, this journey allowed me to understand more than I imagined about my personal ethics and my position towards my profession.


Ethics for Design’ has been designed with a precise interactivity that allows the user to choose the importance he gives to each medium in the documentary (video, photo, text). This experience is in line with what is stated in the documentary by offering an interaction based on the user’s intention and not on its impulse. You can try the interactive version of the documentary here.

Although it started as a personal project, I was joined during this adventure by talented designers and friends who helped me to carry this project to the end. I would like to thank all those who have helped me with their talents, their advice and their generosity: Giulia Orgeas, Julian Hanna, Enrique Encinas, Danielle Boelling, Sebastien Robert, Marianne Clavel, Thomas Skowronski, Lucile Vidaud, Gandalf de Meaupou From Ableiges de Monbail, Marine Schepens, Alexis Ozouf, Ronja Müller, Roman Maria, Bernard Magri, Victoria Stephens, Flore Leclerc, Nicole Felipe, Yann Alary, Clement Renaud, Amaury Poudray, Loïc Marszalek and Laurent Bigarella.


Direction, production, motion graphics  Gauthier Roussilhe
Art direction and graphic design Clément le Tulle-Neyret
Technical direction and web development — Sylvain Julé

Translation — Elise Leclerc
Voiceover — Victoria Stephens
Music curation — Sébastien Robert
Sound post-production — Miroslav Pilon
Date —  Sept 2017

Music – S.A.M., Baby I’m Sorry, Alone In A Crowd, Two Hearts In Doubt, Dream State Of A Bellmaker, 2017; DJ Sports, Phases Of Winds, The Secret Jog Life, Phases Of Winds, 2016; Trux, Aziol, Trux, 2016


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