5G is supposed to arrive in France by July 2020, but beyond the promotional speeches, what do we know about the effects and consequences of this deployment? This report traces all the economic, energy, land, health, usage and geopolitical issues around 5G.

The purpose of the report is to:

  • Provide clear and verified information to all French people;
  • Help local elected officials and citizens understand the issues;
  • Offer a critical vision of this infrastructure in the face of positive and unsubtle speeches from operators, consulting firms and States;
  • Provide a documentary base to assist mayors and municipal councillors in their decision-making in the face of requests from 5G actors (operators, installers, State, regions, ...);

In the same way as large companies call on the expensive services of consulting firms to guide them, this document constitutes a counter-consultation offered to all French people to create a debate and animate a collective decision. We can be surprised that the stakeholders of industry, telecoms, finance and the State produce only positive speeches towards 5G, it is therefore necessary to make nuanced, pragmatic and long-term relevant speeches to counterbalance the debate.

Download the French report (1,8 Mo)


Writing, research and illustration - Gauthier Roussilhe
Proof-reading - Camille Madjarian, Lucie Noyons, Nicolas Nova, Romuald Priol, Richard Hanna, Geoffrey Riberry and Romain Carbou
Date - Avril 2020