Gauthier Roussilhe
design and research
for transitions

This website intends to reduce its contribution to digital industry ecological footprint. Therefore the whole site and server services has been thought over and the average page size has been reduced to 450,56kb (Low tech, High future).

Project: The 5G controversy

Intent: explain major controversies, provide clear and verified information to French citizens and help elected officials make the right decision regarding 5G

Keywords: 5G, report, technology, digital industry

Project: Carbonalyser

Intent: visualising and materialising the electricity consumption and greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions that Internet browsing leads to

Keywords: digital industry, electricity, GHG emissions, add-on

Project: Implication

Intent: redefining link between technological tools and ecosystems exploitation; prototyping legislative tools for public participation and negotiation

Keywords: anthropocene, materiality, systems thinking, public participation

Project: Denbighshire Adaptation Game

Intent: researching flood risks adaptation strategies in North Wales and designing a board game to foster citizens’ consciousness

Keywords: climate change, coastal risks, game design, facilitation

Observation: Prats-de-Mollo

Intent: field research about a french village trying to reach energy autonomy by 2022 and contributing to their information design

Keywords: energy autonomy, citizen governance, systems mapping

Project: Pensions Schemes Crisis in UK

Intent: visualising the complex socio-financial systems behind lecturers’ pension schemes in U.K. in the context of their strike

Keywords: systems cartography, finance, pensions

Project: Ethics for Design

Intent: exploring what means ethics in today's design practice by interviewing designers and researchers and designing a free and interactive documentary for everybody to watch

Keywords: documentary, ethics, design education

Project: Willchain

Intent: designing a fictional service to question trust into new digital services and hyped technologies

Keywords: blockchain, willwriting, speculative design

Project: Seeder

Intent: exploring limits of applied ethics in an unethical industry and questioning designers' responsibility

Keywords: 3d printing, green washing, speculative design