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I am a designer, writer and the co-founder of the, now-closed, design studio FLAIR. My practice is about exploring future pathways through design and coming back with valuable ideas for today. I work on complex design projects by creating or collaborating with creative teams and delivering actionablinsights.
Furthermore I dedicate myself to design research, specialising in the necessity of ethics for design and the unexpected links between design theory and complex thought. I’ve built my research around three topics fuelling each other: prospective, ethics and complexity. To explore these topics I use design fiction, writing, films, field research and so on. I go forward by « giving bad answers to ask good questions ».

Selected clients.

Specific skills.

Design Direction, Creative strategy, Motion graphics, Filmmaking, Brand strategy, Design research, Creative writing, Prospective, Systemic approach, Complex thinking, Critical design



– « Design : a renewal for public policy », European Lab, Lyon, France, 2017
– « Ethics by Design », E.N.S, Lyon, France, 2017
– « Quelle éthique pour le design », Ecole Bellecour, Lyon, 2017
– « Low tech vs High tech in the megacity […] », European Lab, Seoul, 2016
– « FLAIR, selected works », Lyon, 2015

– « Serendipity Door », TEDGlobal, Geneva, 2015
– « Shifting », Entretiens Jacques Cartier, Lyon, 2015
– « Shifting », OnlyLyon, Lyon, 2015
– « Serendipity Door », TEDxLyon, Lyon, 2014


I’m available for consulting, talks, workshops and future-thinking activities.

– gauthier@studioflair.fr
– +33 6 46 77 26 78
– France, UK and Worldwide


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